My cure for a grumpy mood- watch figure skating :)

August 3, 2007 at 11:56 pm | Posted in figure skating, journal entries, Katia Gordeeva | Leave a comment

I’ve been a fan of figure skating since I was a little girl. There is just something about the graceful artistry of ice skating that satisfies something deep in my soul. It’s so beautiful & elegant, so light and free; like flying. I often use to daydream about flying across the ice. Since I’ve gotten married (2005) I haven’t had much time to watch figure skating. Other things in life just seem to take precedence . I didn’t realize just how much I’ve missed it until last night when I happened to come across a skating show I’d taped from tv in 2001. I don’t really know how it ended up mixed in with our other videos. All my other skating tapes are in storage. But there it was. I put it on and was immediately reminded of how much I love to watch that sport. Everything about figure skating is beautiful to me. I admire the slim, lean, athletic yet feminine bodies of the female skaters and the strength & flexibility of the men. I love the sultry jazz & uplifting classical music the skaters often skate to. Most of all I just love the beauty of their movements across the ice, as they glide and twirl, leap and sway to the music. It’s perfection. Nothing relaxes me more than to watch good figure skating. So here are a few of my favorite skating videos, to remind myself to take time to enjoy beauty.

The incomparable pairs team, Katia Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov:

The lovely and oh so graceful Yuka Sato

A very sexy, strong Kurt Browning

The exquisite Katia Gordeeva on her own

A golden moment with Michelle Kwan


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